3 Mothers Medicine Wellness Events

3 Mothers Medicine

New Moon Wellness Camps

At the Vicwest Community Centre - 521 Craigflower Rd, Victoria, BC V9A 6Z5

Join us at our next Wellness Camp

A day of wellness and self-care for everyone in every family every month

New Families Program

  • Free Hypnobirthing Info Workshop
  • Mongan Method HypnoBirthing Classes
  • Post Partum Support

Seniors and Elders Program

  • Hans Kai Group Wellness
  • Arts and Crafts featuring wandcraft
  • Community Vetted Indigenous Healers

Adult Reiki Program

  • Western (Takata) Reiki
  • Japanese (Hayashi) Reiki
  • Reiki shares

Gender Diverse Youth 13-19

  • Betwix’d Shieldmaidens
  • Puppet Improv
  • ¬†Arts and Crafts