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Welcoming Trans and Two-Spirit people from across the NorthWest

3 Mothers Medicine Camps

Basecamp & Training

Are you a trans, Two-Spirit, or nonbinary person who is unemployed, underemployed, or looking for a path into the healing arts? 

We are here to help!

Two Weeks of Training in Trauma Healing, Reiki, First Aid, and Community Wellness

June 6 - 17 at the Victoria Native Friendship Centre

The Focus of In Person Training

Supported by ongoing online courses and community vetted Indigenous healers

10 Full scholarships available

We give priority to Two-Spirit people over the age of 40 looking to return to their traditional roles as healers

Trauma Healing

  • Psychological First Aid
  • Post Traumatic Stress Management
  • Trauma Focused Residential Caregiving

Reiki Training and Initiation

First Aid

  • Occupational First Aid Level One
  • Transport Certification Level One
  • FoodSafe Level One

Community Wellness

  • Hans Kai Wellness Groups
  • Introduction to Hypnosis and Hypnobirthing
  • Drum making and healing with sound

By Brenda Burd, Glenn Patterson and NorWest Coop Community Health

Register today for full scholarship

There are 21 seats total available. You can register for any one of the four training packages or for the combined discounted total First Wand Program. There are scholarships available for any one of the training packages, with priority for those who sign up for the complete First Wand Program. 

As a co-op we are owned and managed by our members, so our goal is to provide the best possible training at the lowest possible cost.  And we commit to our promise that 50 cents of every tuition dollar paid goes directly to our scholarship fund. We have 10 full scholarships available through our intern program.
Register today and we will send you full scholarship and program. Our goal is to help you get here, let us know how we can help. 

Our Educators

Rebecca Hay

Tanille Geib

Caprice Kehler

Lindsy Kikukawa

ChrŸs Tei

Brenda Burd

Marcos Sousa

Glenn Patterson

Alert First Aid

Japaness woodblock print

The Best Reiki Training in the Pacific NorthWest

It has been such great experience working with Reiki Master Rebecca Hay over the past several years as I completed my Reiki Level I & II, and more recently my initiation as a Reiki Master. Laozi said, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" and such is true for me. Rebecca is a born story teller and healer and 30 years of Reiki and healing in First Nations across canada provides lots of stories for her to tell. I look forward to standing beside Rebecca as we initiate a new generation of healers arising from and in service to trans, Two-Spirit, nonbinary people and their families, friends and communities across the NorthWest.

ChrŸs Tei

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